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    Will you keep on getting free software?

    I never pirate software. Instead, I go with freeware and FOSS alternatives, because they're out there and because some times they are better than the paid apps. Of course, I do take advantage of giveaways when ever they happen. That's the whole of my argument.
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    Site is down.

    Well, the site is down again, but I'm not surprised after reading the thread you linked to. Server migration causes this kind of thing so wuh. Thanks.
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    Site is down.

    My site ( appears to be down, as no browser I use is able to connect to the server. cPanel is unaffected and my account is in good standing, so what is the problem? Thanks. EDIT: The error message: Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED): Unknown error. It...
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    Apple iPad

    Other than it this, it looks great. Except the forced DRM is incredibly crippling and counterproductive. More of the same.
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    How old is your oldest email account?

    The MobileMe/.Mac account I had that died in 2008 was used since 2005.
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    Hotmail Vs Yahoo Vs Gmail

    Gmail, certainly.
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    Should I trust?

    Why should I bother answering? Of COURSE it's a scam.
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    Programs you use to manage your site...

    What programs do you use for writing code, managing the pages, etc? Meh: FTP: Cyberduck Code: Smultron WYSIWYG editing (when I need to): KompoZer
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    Post your specs

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    How many hours do you sleep??

    Generally from 1 hour to 24.
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    How do you came to know about x10?

    Atari from recommended x10 to me.
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    After requesting a change of cPanel password...

    It's good now. Lock if needed. Thanks.
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    After requesting a change of cPanel password...

    Cleaned my cache, doesn't work. How do I refresh the DNS exactly?
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    After requesting a change of cPanel password...

    is it normal for this to happen? Was wondering this because for the sake of security, I requested a change of password (nothing happened; this is just in case) and I can't access cPanel. Thanks for any help.
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    Which is best free webmail ?

    Gmail. Great interface and no downtime that I've experienced. Quick and the most accurate spam filter around. You get everything you need and a ton of space - I've got 750 archived conversations (even more if you count individual emails) and I haven't even used one percent of the 7.5 gigs you get.