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    Windows 8 Dev Preview build

    if it was your first launch then it was probably setting up the thing like when windows 7 is ran for the first time it has to set that stuff up same thing with win8 but it a black screen instead was up at 1am est installing it and going through the setup everything but the metro apps work but im...
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    Windows 8 Dev Preview build

    so much fun in my computer science class i was trying to install my download onto a virtual machine and it kept failing to install checked to make sure everything was set properly all was darn download failed and my schools (college) internet is slow as molasses during the day and even during...
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    Windows 8 Dev Preview build

    anyone else downloading it right now :D
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    Bruins win it all!!!!!!

    anyone else still happy as death
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    Osama Bin Laden is dead!

    and the official release from Obama says that ground operations by delta more likely but in his words "counter terror units" at a mansion in pakistan killed him after an "intense" firefight and now i'm off to bed after waiting an hour for someone to show up late -_-
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    Battlefield 3

    All I know wongers from that video I really just want those jets at the end of the video to be the exact same style in multiplayer oh man I wouldn't ever do ground combat
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    commence your screaming like little girls bf2 fans

    Battlefield Blog I know I am excited like a little school girl for this to come out I just hope that DICE will support mod tools and eventually increase the amount that are playable on the pc *BF2 has reached 128 players...
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    Which is your favorite Gaming Company?

    I got to go with bullfrog, dice, ea bullfrog will always be good in my mind from sim theme park LOVED IT i hate it that i lost the cd for it though ><
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    ...FIFA WC Finale..waka..waka

    ehhh spain just lucky this year. the wc was very questionable in every manner from the officiating and the fifa administration but at least brazil didn't win again
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    Just bought an ipad

    Well we all will see thursday when apple does there preview of the next generation of the iphone os if the ipad will actually become something more than an oversized ipod that can do books from apple's book store. But I would actually would enjoy getting one later on just so I can have music or...
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    Just a suggestion for Chopin problem all the awnsers needed for with the status of the servers - mc se7en
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    Chopin Expedited Copy
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    Happy birthday AdamParkzer!

    happy bday adam same day as my dad but your not 44 yet nor do you have 2 grandchildren with another on the way now :D
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    What to get for Christmas

    a nice new sennheiser headphone the fill that audiophile feeling when playing music or a usb hub well doomsday hub to be exact
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    that was very funny