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    Odd IP Address behavior

    visit from proxy server ?
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    i'm only here for the beer!

    i'm only here for the beer!
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    good to know bdistler .. must say free hosting working a treat so far just tested smpt from from a view to a route in index.php (fatfree framework) working dandy!
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    was just going to add hopefully you have everything on ,local host . Then it would just be a matter of zipping up the contents of the project folder (but not the project folder itself) to the web root of the paid hosting then from phpmyadmin do a quick export of mysql into somefile.sql then...
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    would be interested to know how you get on so please come back if this forum is not shared & tell us how paid hosting bares up !
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    How do I upload my files? First time using x10Hosting

    You go to cpanel; then click on file manager icon ; there will be four radio buttons with the default one clicked (web root ). Click on go button say you just want to test out if your domain is working stick an index .html in web root using "file upload" top of menu. it will have a browse...
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    help me with PHP?

    the best way of learning is just to try , make mistakes post here, google and keep on going .Preferably you should have a localhost web development set up to play with such as xampp on linux or wamp. If you are not yet doing this google apachefriends and xampp/wamp site should come up
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    I am back

    hey I hope that's not like Arnie i'm back with a uzi 9mm !!
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    help me with PHP?

    he means the PHP bit inside the .html file will not be parsed .Files called .php tell the server there is PHP stuff to parse on the server and throw back into a browser readable form.
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    Email Form

    Do you mean a form on your web like : Mine works, just get data from a form and use data using simple php mail function eg <?php $mailwent = mail( $to,$from,$subject,$message,$headers); ?> if the mail went $mailwent will return True...
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    delete account please

    hi please delete account or tell me how to do it for cheers
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    disc space issue x10nkran

    Hi Can any one help fix this and explain how it happened; I have not intentionally done anything to rock the boat Sorry for the inconvenience! The filesystem mounted at /home/nkranx10 on this server is running out of disk space. cPanel operations have been temporarily suspended to prevent...
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    Domain DNS Problem Help!

    There may be a possible method which is just a temporary answer: 1) Put back things as they were with your bought domain pointing to goaddy; which means that when someone puts in the URL of your domain name it will go to the index file in the root document of your go daddy hosting. I.e...
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    Greetings from Argentina

    greetings - my favorite wine is Argentinian malbec which I must say helps when there is a coding glitch!
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    Domain DNS Problem Help!

    not sure but someone from admin will reply. One wacky thing I noticed is that the domain says created 13/11/2013 but next to nameserver it says updated 12/11/2013 suggesting your domain was created a day after the nameservers were updated? Its only the 14th today it can take 24-48 plus hours to...