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    Active My Accounts

    Nice thread, really! haha
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    Woman Who Aged 50 Years In A Few Days!

    damn, I don't want it to happen to me, nor my girlfriend!
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    The Death Clock..

    Wednesday, May 18, 2061 @ 74 years old
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    Junk mail problem

    Hi, I just got some problem with my mail account(I'm kind of newb with internet scripting so ...) : when I send email to people it makes it way straight to the junk mail. Since I'm trying to built a music distribution site, I can't just tell my people to set my address to 'safe' because I have...
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    Who likes Black Metal in here ?

    I'm not really in that 'race' thing. I do know people in skinhead gang tho (business is business..I'm doing underground music distribution) .. But they aren't in BM. I know there are some National Socialist Black Metal going, but not as thick as what you're talking about. Well, I'm in Quebec ...
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    Who likes Black Metal in here ?

    Just wandering... And by Black Metal I mean ... 'True' Black Metal. I personally think that 'True' black metal is not so common these days ... At least in Quebec. Here's two band from montreal : anyone here is in black metal...
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    from which country

    I'm from Canada, but prefer to say Quebec. Yes, I speak french!
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    problem changing domain name

    Hello, I\'ve tried to change my domain name from \'\' to \'\' but, when I\'m going on my website at, it won\'t load the page and say \'the domaine is available\' ... I thought that the procedure could make some time to be done, but when I\'m trying...