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    Trouble installing Drupal & Searching on X10 forum

    Have you tried changing to x10 cPanel because there are known bugs with x10basic
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    Error when installing script

    Which Control Panel are you using x10Basic or cPanel
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    registration stuck in redirect loop

    I would personally recommend waiting till tomorrow just to be safe
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    Is Joomla 3 Installation Possible?

    My guess is that the admins haven't Updated their auto installer which means they only have the version 2.5 I would guess
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    hello all.....

    Welcome to the community c:
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    Let me start off by saying bravo on making a phpbb forum look amazing not many people can so great job on that. Theme & Customizations: I have to say that the theme you have chosen to use is a very professional and sleek looking theme that caught my eye as I've never seen it before on any...
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    [GiveAway] Gravity Forms

    Ok then I won't give it away I don't want to get anyone in trouble
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    Send Form Mail through personal email [Free Account]

    What kind of form mail is it
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    [GiveAway] Gravity Forms

    So I had decided to get Gravity Forms but I never use it as I use Vanilla Forums to most communication. I am deciding to give the license away to one lucky member. All you have to do is post "I would like to be entered in to this give away" I'll look through your posts and decided who I think...
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    I do not get the email when trying to update my email

    hmm if you have a backup email try doing that
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    I do not get the email when trying to update my email

    Thats weird have you tried resending it
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    Amazing Service

    I know I mean it's reliable and secure and offers what most free hosts don't I'm so happy I found this site c:
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    I do not get the email when trying to update my email

    What email host do you use (yahoo, gmail)
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    Do I have malware running in my account that I can not see ??

    1. What type of site are you running 2. Have you uploaded many images