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  • Hi pfclittle,

    The incident you had with your support thread and gsonline was recently brought to my attention. As one of the leaders of free hosting community support, I fully support the actions taken by gsonline, one of the community helpers; from my viewpoint, he was trying to respond to your question as clearly as possible in a manner that was as easy to understand as possible.

    However, because I respect you and all of x10Hosting's members as human beings, regardless of suspensions or any possible wrongdoings, I have edited out your suspension reason from gsonline's post. I hope this will resolve any conflict that may have arised between you two.

    - Adam
    Hi pfclittle,

    Sorry to post like that. As the thread is locked. So I can't edit but I will ask staff to edit it.

    Thanks for validating it as Bad post by 2 times. Have a wonderful day. :)
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