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    What do you think?

    I do agree that the white Ventrillo box looks funny ha ha. I'm working on my own set up for that right now actually. The bored menu images and etc still need to be changed. Still quite a few little things here and there to be done. Thanks guys :)
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    What do you think?

    Good thing I posted here! I had never noticed the scroll to the side. Fixed that though! thanks. I still have a little bit of tweaking to be done.
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    What do you think?

    I've just started a new community for gaming(Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory). Just want to know what people think - It's not meant to be anything to fancy I feel it does the trick though. If you play Wolf: ET feel free to sign up
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    Which Design?

    In my opinion your orignal piece catches the eye better. I could be wrong but I believe that people like a sleek easy look and what better then grey and black with a shine to it.
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    Need PhpNuke themes

    So.. Anyone know of any places that have free phpNuke skins for download? I'll hand over some points if you get me the link.
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    Sigs, I hope I improve! feedback!

    WTY haha.. "What you think" yea since everyones making sigs now.. I thought I would also try one.. here it is I made it up fast and I don't use PS much.. but tell me what you think.. I know the writing is a bit hard to read but.. yea..
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    Give Me Some Links!

    Ok, Well I need some links that will take me to a nice place like That will teach me how to code a web design/site in dreamweaver. Best link Will get 20 points.. Just to make this a bit more fun..
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    !2 year old realy jams out..

    Man this 12 year old boy, Is crazy I've never seen anything like this befor this kids is amazing at drums.. does a 7:52 drum solo.. and some of the beats he lays down in it is unreal. Heres the link to watch it on video.. Check it out...
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    I need a Gallery that will do..

    I never use gallerys so i'm not sure what do use, I want a gallery were members cannot sign up but just look at what I upload. Any good ideas?
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    I need, Free templates.. mambo.

    If you know of a place were I can get free mambo templates, Then please post the link or PM me the link. If I like the place I'll be happy to offer up 20 points.
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    Need help.. 10 points..

    Ok, My buddy has an IBP board, I've changed the skin for him because he does not have a clue what he is doing. But the skin he wants only works when the board is not expanded. Who can tell me how to make a board so it's no expanded such as the x10 forums. ( I mean the template doesn't go all...
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    Snow Day here..

    Well In kingston ontairo we had got snow about half way up my shins in the passed week. But last night it snowed so much that we got more then double that. Yes right now I can't see any wheels of cars and trees look very short. No one's going to school everyone is pritty much snowed in it's...
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    John Lennon

    25 Years ago today John Lennon lead guitarist for The Beatles was shot to death. I don't know about you's but they have been playing The Beatles here all day and if they have there to you know why, But it's made for a good day having The Beatles played all day long :) Edit: If your...
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    free SMF templates needed..

    Dose anyone know a site were they have SMF templates?
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    This is wicked check it out! Very kool, Easy to beat makes you think.