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  • Regarding mails, I already told to staff , So I am hoping that will be next priority after chopin transfer of accounts.
    Yeah, I can understand that, But when comes to hosting, IF they update anything immediatly we will be spreading the word, Till then we have to run this same record again and again, Mean while we will be contacting the staff to know the current status too. :)
    We know that we are doing it again and again But If we don't respond with same message, wouldn't they think that we are not supporting them, Means we are not at all giving any information. So we responds. Just think if you asked first time if no body responds then don't you think the same

    I am talking about this http://forums.x10hosting.com/free-hosting/111817-why-my-site-not-available.html#post637964

    You said

    <!--Insert silly repeated message about your server being on chopin and there is nothing you can do about it accept watch the timer click over on http://status.x10hosting.com/
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