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    Most Influential People

    In all history, eh? Well, I'd have to go with: Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, and Gautam Buddha. Why you ask? Well, if it weren't for them, the world would be (at least in my opinion) very very different today. History would look nothing close to how it does now... and the fat buddha statue would...
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    Best Free Stuff

    I use PSPad ( quite a bit for quickly editing most types of code... it doesn't take up too many system resources and has an array of different built-in functions.
  3. R Vs Pandora

    I am partial to because of the extensive collection of international music it has... Pandora doesn't seem to encompass as much music as far as the international scope goes. Then there's the matter of having a nice little extension for Firefox that plays all my favorite music as...
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    PHP vs. ASP

    In my opinion, and as others have stated, I think ASP is very messy. While I haven't worked with it extensively, the little exposure I have had to it hasn't exactly made it one of my favorite languages. I definitely like coding in PHP much more, not only due to its conciseness, but also to the...
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    Corey Got married!!

    Congrats corey!
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    Rate my computer!

    *ramj1 wishes he had a computer like that
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    What's your favorite browser?

    Firefox 3 is teh awesomeness (in my opinion), so I use it for the most part. EDIT: Forgot to add that IE is Über PHAIL.