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    Help with IP inserting?

    So I want to track IPs, but when I do this: $IP = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; mysql_query("INSERT into `ips` (`ip`, `username`) VALUES('$IP', '$my->username')"); The username shows up right, but the IP shows up as four numbers, like so; 1111 and not an actual IP address; 111.111.11
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    I was just about to say before you said fixed: You are allowed 2 phpMyAdmin (MySQL) databases, and you are trying to create one, but you already have 2 made.
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    A friend can't login to my x10hosting account.

    He has to have something that connects to the U.S. Because otherwise, it will be blocked.
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    Account Help

    Try a different browser, sometimes it is your browser that messes things up.
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    A friend can't login to my x10hosting account.

    If he has any kind of VPN or anything that changes his location on his computer, tell him to disable it. If that doesn't help, tell him to install a VPN that can access U.S. so he can access it.
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    Error when posting

    Are you trying to fetch the image from your database or just uploading it through a script on a page? Like there is a box, you can put the image in it, but it errors when you try to upload?
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    Error when posting

    Make sure your script allows images ;) Otherwise it wouldn't know what you are uploading, making it so it errors.
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    Does free package use mmsqli?

    1. Make sure you are connected to the database. 2. Make sure you input everything right, I use this, and I get no errors, the reason you get that one is because you most likely typed something wrong. 3. Check to see if your script has errors: 4. Fix any errors. 5. If...
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    Unchanged code now returning internal server error for any POST request

    Did you code it like this?: <form action='' method='POST'> <input type='password' value='password' name='password'> <input type='text' value='username' name='username'> <input type='submit' value='submit' name='submit'> </form> Then you have the strings, and the insert into? This is just an...
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    What do you think of my site?

    It is my own design :/ the music player is from, it is easy to make a regular music player <audio> but it reloads every time you go to a new page.
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    Error when changing my profile pic

    I can't upload a photo that is 200x200, it says error when prossessing to the server, so uhhm, yeah?
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    Upgrade to Prime Hosting

    Binary :3
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    So cool, this is.

    So cool, this is.