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    Changing cPanel PassWord Constantly

    Quite a while, actually. Ever since I first signed up on x10. And I always clear my cache once a day.
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    Changing cPanel PassWord Constantly

    Well, I've been getting rather frustrated at this. Every time I login to my cPanel, the password I use every time doesn't work. So, I have to go into the account panel and change it. THEN, I will be able to log into cPanel. An hour later, I try to login to cPanel. It doesn't work. So, I have to...
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    Knock Knock.. (Quick Hi There and Hello..)

    It took me a while to get the joke :) Anyways, welcome to the forums of X10Hosting!
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    Google started out as a search engine. It became much, much more than just that. I'm sure they are going to develop some sort of huge project, like an OS.
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    My Earn Money Site

    Double posting is frowned upon in the x10 community. And also, isn't this just the same old thing that everyone posts in this forum? :happysad: Although, I learned about from your siggy a little while back. Thanks! It really is just as good as NeoBux.
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    Please review my upload site.

    You have a very, very nice site there! I may actually use it if I need to upload my files ;) Nice job!
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    Copyright Infringement

    I can thank LoveIsPoison for the laugh I got out of his post :) Anways, Copyright Infringement is very wrong, yet people do it all the time. It's quite annoying, but it isn't going to be something that is going to be stopped for quite a while. It's like shoplifting in a store that has nobody in it.
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    Something curious in vBCommerce

    Yes... the curious thing is that these shops were last updated before I had created my shop. So, I'm not sure how exactly they stole my logo, although, I know that I had created that logo in PhotoShop :hsughr:
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    Something curious in vBCommerce

    Adding items to your own shop? What's the point in owning a shop, then?
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    Review my Site, Please

    Well, about your site... the logo isn't anything I'd want to look at. The text, the computer screen- everything. You should change that :) The background looks very, very nice, but then again... it was a template, so, nice job selecting a template :biggrin: The text under the 'coming soon' bar...
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    Review let-me-google-it-for-you

    Zen-R summed it up very nicely. Although, let me just give you some tips: If you are going to post a site to be reviewed, make sure that there is something to review. If all that your site has is a blank area with a YouTube video inside it, there isn't going to be much to rate. If you just copy...
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    What the above Person Deserves!!!

    The above poster deserves all of us.
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    The best forum system?

    I had used to think that IPB was the best (very recently, in fact), but I have now realized that vBulletin is very feature-rich, and provides many things that IPB 2.3 or 3.0 provide. The only thing that I do not like quite as much, is that it isn't as slick as the Invision Power Board software.
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    Yeah. They are always doing something. What do you think they do in those huge headquarters all day long? Anyways, G-OS can seem predictable. I have heard news about it before... and is the #1 most visited site on the web, so, they are perfectly capable.
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    What's your favorite (free) FTP Client?

    I had used FileZilla, and thought it was good. Then, I got a new computer. Just for kicks, I installed FireFTP as an add-on to FireFox for less than 1MB, and accessible from the browser, and didn't see much of a difference.