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    Computer Security Website

    I have been an active member of "the scene" for about 3 years. I'm well known under the name PlaySkool. If you wish, I could help you out with this.
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    Account suspended and terminated, no warning recieved

    The part that upsets me is the email that was supposedly send that says my account was to be terminated is post-dated may 12th, but it's still april. I was hoping this was an error and my files were still there.
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    Do you think is a scam?

    It's not a scam. The offers that they have you complete are entirely related to improving their site. They have no ads and don't take your money. I don't see how it could be a scam.
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    Hey guys. I'm curious waht everyone's opinions are on this system of government. Most people who are against it have no idea what they are talking about, and I would like to have a structured and intelligent debate. I personally hate capitalism, and find that it causes people to step on each...
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    What do you do for a living?

    I code and sell both web based and desktop software. My current project is an authentication system for software coders, which allows a seller to add license keys with the click of a button and supports both username and hardware based authentication. In the past, I have produced anti cracking...
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    Account suspended and terminated, no warning recieved

    My hosting account was terminated without warning, and when I signed into the client panel I had emails dating from March 14 to May 12th that were supposedly sent warning me, however I recieved none of them and it isn't even may yet. I ran a wiki for a project we are working on in school as well...