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    How do I get back my x10 hosting domain?

    I have moved my domain to a new name company, and changed the name servers from here to them. I still want to use my x10 account for hosting, but the address at the cPanel still says my original domain that is no longer associated with my x10 account. How can I get back my original free x10...
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    Suspended For Resource Abuse Question

    Thanks for the tech specs Brandon! Are those specs for the free hosting or the pay hosting?
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    Suspended For Resource Abuse Question

    Hello I was wondering if its possible to be suspended for resource abuse on premium hosting. If it is, what is the threshold? Is it a number of MB transfer per-second? A limit of things taking place in PHP? I would hate to upgrade and find myself getting the same weekly resource abuse...
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    Constant 'Please try again later.' and '500 Internal Server Error'

    Hello My website is very problematic. Over half the time, I get some sort of server error on pages that should work. I am not sure why this is happening because 1) the page is only 55KB in size 2) all other websites work immediately for me (google news for example). Sometimes I need to...
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    How can I FTP download my entire website (and databases)?

    Hello I need to download (mirror) my entire wordpress website. (its only about 80MB. How do I download the entire site including the databases?
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    Account Suspension Question

    Hello My account has been suspended (again) for high system resource usage. I think I know why the resource usage is high - because of an automatic backup script for wordpress. Going to the Hosting Account Suspension History page, and clicking on the reason for the latest suspension, I cannot...
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    Got a beta for a virtual machine, just to check out the right click menus and folder structure, and built in viewers (for text, images, video, web etc.). Didn't see a difference from custom searches (made instant), hiding text, and changing the icons to a irregular scale, so, no desire to...
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    Global Warming: fact or fiction?

    Global warming, possibly real. Man made? No... After climategate revealed that the 43 scientists that provide the majority of climate change data the UN and Al Gore qote from lie, use tricks to "hide the decline", I think its pretty clear that global warming is being used as a reason for...
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    HOW TO: upload Dreamweaver files using FTP

    My first settings allowed connection and brief uploading, but during uploads 'waiting' began and for a while I could not reconect. After trying 10 different configurations, I am pretty sure I ended up right back where I started to get a successful TEST. Access: FTP FTP Host...