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    Same Sex Parents?

    Firstly, I was making a comparison. Second, I was a little irritated that day and have since cooled down and I didn't mean to make anyone feel bad or anything. Third, if you looked below that part you would've seen I was trying to get back on the original subject. Fourth, I didn't know if they...
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    The Ctrl+V game

    also, that little thing about how many friends you have...just think about which friends you can truly count on, don't think about how often you talk to them...
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    account suspension and server down

    Please go here to see why Lotus is acting weird: Lotus I'm not on Lotus myself, but I've been having issues all the same. It appears everything's acting weird.
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    Site Stability/Reliability

    I hate all the downtime, but I love the services offered. I would say they balance out, but reliability is needed more than anything. It doesn't matter if you're the only one that sees how cool your site is because the server keeps going down... However, I do appreciate this free service. In...
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    How to check if your server is down

    There's also this link here: It says staff but anyone can see if the servers are up on there. The page updates every ten minutes but I've been using it every chance I get due to the fact it has never steered me wrong. It's just not too quick to update.
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    My account is seriously affected and the server appears to be down

    Stoli has been acting funky for the past hour or two. Sometimes HTTP is down, other times it's down completely. I can't even do what I need to get done, transferring my entire site from my subdomain to my domain (and it sucks that I can't do this currently). I hope whatever the issue is that it...
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    My Domain got Hijacked!

    Alright, I was in the process of making my domain an add-on domain instead of parked. Somehow during the process, it started redirecting to a completely different site and it won't let me redirect to my own. On top of that, every time I try to set it to point to my subdomain it keeps saying it's...
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    Special Raffle (Domains and more) | Sorteo especial (Dominios y más)

    I was different. I sent all mine (227) and I don't care if that extra 7 doesn't count for a ticket. ;P
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    Same Sex Parents?

    That will never happen. You think that there has to be an extreme here. There doesn't have to be an extreme at all, the only thing that needs to happen is for straight and gay people to coexist peacefully. Otherwise, it's more than just discrimination, it's almost like genocide. Everyone that...
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    Same Sex Parents?

    My opinion on the matter is, why stop someone from doing what they wish? I mean, seriously, take any child that has a normal (one mother and one father) family. Any child, even with that kind of family, could turn out to be gay. Being gay, however, is not a disease that one catches. For...
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    I don't really like to talk much, I will admit...I prefer to lurk in the shadows, but I will say I do appreciate this service you all have set up. If it weren't for people like you, I wouldn't be able to run my clan site for a game that is extremely popular with everyone. I will lurk around...