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    Retrieving Files of Suspended Account?

    What all do you need? The url was, with set up as a domain name. The really weird thing is according to the Wayback Machine, the website was still up as late as June 2019 and I can basically guarantee I was still posting after that. So I'd assume I had some...
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    Retrieving Files of Suspended Account?

    My account was suspended due to inactivity, and because of the backend upgrades I've been unable to re-create my account for about two months. I've switched to a different host so I could have my website back up and running, but as a result of all this I've lost the content for my blog. I was...
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    "Prove You're Human" Captcha

    I am now getting a 403 Forbidden error, regardless if I use or It's certainly a step up from not being able to access the site at all!
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    "Prove You're Human" Captcha

    I have been unable to access my website today, or When trying, I get the following page: And no matter how many times I pass the Captcha, I get sent back to this. I've tried with my laptop and my Android smartphone. It seems specifically tied to the...
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    BOINC on Free Hosting?

    For a school project, I'm dabbling with BOINC for a project. Would BOINC be an unfair use of my free hosting account? My main worry is that it could transmit files and folders that are over a gigabyte in size, and that might brush up against the limits for a free account.
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    Site issues, along with everyone else...

    The most information we users can generally get is found at
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    Can't Create New Database but I'm Not at Maximum!

    That... should probably get fixed.
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    Can't Create New Database but I'm Not at Maximum!

    I currently have two databases (and according to PHPMyAdmin, a third one called information_schema). When I look at my cPanel, it says I have two databases, and that I can have up to four. When I use MySQL Database Wizard to create a new database, it invariably fails. I'm told there was an...
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    Mind Boggling PDO Query Failure

    The forum resounds with the noise of a thousand facepalms. Thanks, it works now. :)
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    Mind Boggling PDO Query Failure

    I have set up a basic "guestbook" script. It uses a table named guestbook and currently has two rows in it. Using the mysql_* commands I can successfully access the table and display the information as desired. However, I'm trying to look into PDO and currently am attempting to convert the code...
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    is boru.x10hosting down, or is it blocked by my college??

    I submitted a ticket concerning this earlier. Boru has been acting wacky lately. Could it still be the maintenance?
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    Boru - SQL Down since April 6th - Boru Maintenance Complete?

    Anything I do that uses SQL doesn't work. PhpMyAdmin now requires a username and password to log in. I don't even know what they want. I've tried the most logical stuff for it (my email address, "shawntc", as well as my database login name). According to, Boru's fine but...
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    Files and Cpanel..

    Weird, Boru is having the same issue at the moment.
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    JavaScript Animated Tabs

    I'm experimenting with a new design for my site. I'm using jQuery UI and have a simple tab setup in place. <div id="tabs"> <ul> <li><a href="#tabs-1">Foo</a></li> <li><a href="#tabs-2">Bar</a></li> <li><a href="#tabs-3">Baz</a></li> <li><a href="#tabs-4">Blah</a></li>...
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    Bigint Not Updating to Current Timestamp

    Yep, the echo and var_dump effects are things I observed.