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    Webmail broken after migration

    Just to see if it works, I tried getting into my email via Roundcube on DirectAdmin and loks like it's working now. Guessing it was a migration issue and stuff needed to be updated properly. It's working with the default Windows 10 Mail app, but not with Outlook. Oh well. I say let's all...
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    DirectAdmin With Cloudflare

    If I recall correctly, there was a way to point your domain to Cloudflare's nameservers, and point your cloudflare account to x10's nameservers. Although it requires you to have your own domain and not x10's.
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    Webmail broken after migration

    The error I am getting from Roundcube through DirectAdmin is "Connection to storage server failed" on the bottom right corner. I am using my own domain that I reconfigured after I got migrated to DirectAdmin. I have 2 Email accounts. default: [Account User Name]; and [custom...
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    Webmail broken after migration

    Would the configurations for POP/IMAP still be the same as before? Or will they have to be changed. Roundcube doesn't seem to be working from DirectAdmin I noticed my account went from xo1 to x12 when logging in. I'm guessing now the IMAP configs are: Incoming:, Port 993...
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    is x10hosting down for anyone?

    Looks like it's mostly PHP related to me as well. WordPress is the only thing I use and I've done a re-install and it's still throwing me the 503 error still. But if I uninstall it, I get the directory list just fine. Welp, time to switch to not using WordPress, not a big deal for me as my...
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    would like unlimited disk space
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    WordPress Jetpack locked my own IP out.

    Alright don't be alarmed. I've managed to fix it. Went through cPanel and edited wp-config.php and added this line: define('JETPACK_IP_ADDRESS_OK', 'X.X.X.X'); (replacing X.X.X.X with my own IP ofc.) I've also removed the plugin temporarily. Probably will enable it again.
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    WordPress Jetpack locked my own IP out.

    Hello fellas, I barely post here but that's because I barely have any issues with the hosting service, even though it is free. :D Just now, I tried to edit my website through wordpress ( and I was presented with with a message saying "Your IP (xxx.xx.xx.x) has been flagged...
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    Website compromised by harmful content

    Thank you x10 for quickly resolving this issue. I received the 'social engineering website detected' email from Google and put in a request for review with a paraphrased explanation from this thread and also put the link to this thread. Hopefully they unflag the IP soon. I'm not sure if it...
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    Getting 503 error on my website on X03

    Same issue with my blog (wordpress install) on My "main website" which is just made with HTML on works fine however. I'm on xo1. UPDATE: Tried loading my blog through my cellular data connection (mobile phone) and it loaded up fine. I try to load it...
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    Email client can not sync with email server on Secure SSL/TLS Settings configuration

    I tried setting up both Secure and Non-Secure on Thunderbird and Android email, and neither worked. However, I installed Roundcube through Softaculous (which asks for the same info) and that works. I'm getting this error on Android: (with SSL/TLS) That is when I hit "Next" after filling in the...
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    hi the world

    Hi! :) I wish you a great time
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    You could also add the following to your .htaccess file through cPanel's file manager: Replace <filename> with whichever file or page you want to use.
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    It's already your homepage.