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    Question regarding x10premium

    If i migrate my account from x10hosting and let's say i cannot afford to pay hosting for a month. Will i be transferred to x10hosting again?
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    Space Promo

    This is my first project that I put a lot of time in and hopefully it goes well. I would love some feedback :)
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    How to transfer my subdomain

    I have a subdomain i created but want to transfer that forum to, but I need to delete the rf before i add the .com domain
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    How to transfer my subdomain

    If i delete the subdomain will the files be deleted as well?
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    How to transfer my subdomain

    to a new domain name I purchased? I want to add my files and database to a new domain.
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    Can I host a bitcoin faucet site

    with my online forum community? Not sure if it's against the terms because i saw a few sites that are just faucet sites. I don't want my account to be suspended, and want to get permission or to see if this type of site is allowed. Thanks!
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    503 error to domain not found?
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    Feedback on my promotion site? We are an online community that allows members to promote their blogs, forums, and websites. We also provide numerous topics from general to webmaster to allow all the discussions you are passionate about. Discover webmasters and people who rock out of this Earth!
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    Question about VPS service

    I am planning to upgrade to premium when my website gets larger, but do you provide a transfer from an premium account to the VPS account that contains my websites/files? Or would you provide support when a costumer needs help transferring?
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    Stupid Errors

    I want to clarify this, so any thread/post on my forum containing 4 or more links will get an error to prevent spam? Or 4 of the same links will generate an error?
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    Request for Unmetered Space

    I see... Well, I hope a staff member will put this into consideration for your explanation. Wish you the best for the upgrade so you can progress your website!
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    Request for Unmetered Space

    Roger, The Dead-i is trying to explain that most of the files are not even hosted in the dictionary of your website. In order to request for unmetered space, all the files from your "census" dictionary should be transferred to your public_html folder where it contains your website you are...
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    I can't even add an ad code

    What other ad publishing sites are blocked? So I am know which sites to not attempt in the future.
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    I can't even add an ad code

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    How do I delete a domain?!

    Hey Players4, I think you can only manage addon and subdomains from your cpanel. I am assuming you are trying to delete your domain name. your is your main domain and cannot be removed. Consider your main domain as a username. You may add/remove addon...