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    problem with backup

    Thanks for the help. After your first suggestion, I was able to fix my problem
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    problem with backup

    my site is Today, I changed a plugin and the site disappeared ( I was getting Http 500 errors). I went to the restore files and following the instructions, I found the files backed up for Oct 3. I selected the home page and asked for a restore which I assume would restore...
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    503 Backend fetch failed error

    I just got this error again at about 12:15 PM on Saturday
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    Wordpress Upload Issues on Free Servers

    I had the errors mentioned 503 and http errors. I tried the Suggested plugin "force Regenerate thumbnails" and it worked great. Thanks
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    503 error

    I tried to login several times today and the 503 error did not appear. It may be fixed. I would like the other members of this thread who have seen this error to also try since it was an intermittent problem and I might just be on a lucky streak.
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    503 error

    The 503 error is still ocuring.
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    503 error

    I am also still getting the 503 message. Although I can still log in 2 about 50% of the time after waiting just a few seconds to try again. I am using wordpress and I can access the site with no problems, I just have a problem when I try to login to the dashboard in order to change and manage...
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    503 error

    Still getting the 503 error, intermittently now, even after following your advice. I was using Firefox and then I tried Google Chrome. At first Goggle Chrome was perfect, but now it is getting this error also.
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    503 error

    For the last 6 hours I have been getting the following 503 error when I try to login (My site address is to my site: "503 Service Unavailable The server is temporarily busy, try again later! Powered By LiteSpeed Web Server LiteSpeed Technologies is not responsible for...
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    All of my files are missing

    I am not listed as suspended. My account is and the wordpress account is I was updating a page on the website and started getting 404 notices. Then I logged into my X10 panel and all of my files are gone, not just the wordpress files.
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    Obviously another new web site builder. I have just built a simple site using RV Site builder and now I want to make one of the pages a blog or equivalently replace one of the pages by a blog. In one of the early steps, RV Ste builder asks (be presenting buttons) if I want to creat a web site...