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    David Deland, aka Carl6969

    I did not know this gentleman myself but that's very sad to hear. Its nice to see that there will be people here who will remember him though. Rest in peace.
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    Infinity plan + 2 year contract question

    Thanks livewire! I always assumed you have to get that privacy protection before registering a domain for some reason. If I could burden you with another issue, I get a 404 error anytime I click on cloudflare in cPanel and this was not an issue a week ago. Is there anything you guys can do from...
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    Infinity plan + 2 year contract question

    Hi guys, if anyones got a premium account already id appreciate if you could clear something up for me. So I noticed the infinity plans with x10 come with a few perks like a free domain however I did not notice any privacy option to keep personal information out of the WHOIS directories. Is...
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    Currently Travelling, my account has been blocked

    Its probably officially against policy to share accounts as it normally is but if you have someone you trust at home to log in for you, whos to say anyone would notice?
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    How to change domain name of site

    So I have not had to do this in a while but as essellar says you want to change settings in WordPress to Pretty much anywhere where you see your old URL in settings your going to want to change to the new one. I do not think youll have to go into the actual filemanager to do...
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    The 'gettingstarted-content' id is missing in cPanel, Cloudlflare also gives a 404

    So I get the 'id missing' notification every time im in cPanel which I am not really sure matters much but at the same time I can not get in to my Cloudflare settings and I get a 404 error there every time I try to access it. Any idea what I can do from my end to fix the problem? P.S thanks to...
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    Trying to register

    Hi I am not sure if this information is of use but I am registering from Canada. I saw some posts mentioning restrictions related to countries.
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    Trying to register

    Hi so its been a long time since ive used x10 hosting. I am sure my hosting account has been suspended and all the good stuff. When I try to register and use my old account to log in it just freezes when I try to get passed the TOS. Am I just derping up the registration process some how? Is...
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    info .xml not found

    in softalicious when i click on some softwares it gives me this error The INFO.XML file could not be found! Please report this to the server administrator.
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    [0 credits] FREE Site setup, software instilation, wordpress, SMF, Joomla or other

    Re: [0 credits] FREE Site setup, software instilation, wordpress, SMF, Joomla or othe Thanks for the heads up, im okay with that, ill use a ftp username and password then, that will be upto the pereson asking for help to setup :)
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    [0 credits] FREE Site setup, software instilation, wordpress, SMF, Joomla or other

    Hi, my names Taha, I dont come by here much anymore, if you want free services just drop a message, I have extensive experience with wordpress, SMF, Joomla, and some with photoshop and dreamweaver as well as other scripts and software. If you want a full install and setup ill be needing your...
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    How to accept credit card payments

    How can i setup a safe and secure way for people to pay for products using credit cards from canada and USA?? If you have any great links that will be apreciated, also I am using opencart fyi Thanks :)
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    How can i accept credot card payments from canada and america?

    Im new to using methods besides paypal as a payment method. So I want to learn more about how i can have people checkout using thier credit card number, I know Paypal is the beset these days however i have my legitimate reasons for wanting to accept credit cards on my site. Thanks for your help...
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    NEED people to exchange links with, Just add my link and post here

    awesome, put up mine and ill put up yours :) Here you go:
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    NEED people to exchange links with, Just add my link and post here

    thats great, im making a store blog for my site here, its guna have your link along with anyone else whos interested! wordpress is already installed