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    Tired of downtime

    Jake, that was totally understandable. However usually when X10 do maintenance on the servers, it's like, what an hour or two a day? It's never really been in my way... I haven't been able to access the page for over a day... What kind of upgrade or maintenance is actually going on?
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    Tired of downtime

    Having the EXACT same issue. Haven't been able to access my site for the past day/2 days. Getting complaints for readers. It's getting unacceptable.
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    I am waiting still.................

    Chill, man. You should be approved within the hour. I'm waiting, myself to connect back to the host. For some reason it's dead now. X10 have lost their way.
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    552 Disk full - please upload later

    Hello X10. I am Anthony and I am the administrator of CPANEL and X10 both say I have only use 0.1 of an infinite symbol... Looking at the file manager, I have used less than 20MB. FileZilla and all other FTP programs are telling me that there is insufficient space on the...