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    Overall Updates

    the email sent before suspension for inactivity is a great idea! how long before though? imo 24hrs or at least 12hrs would be best - don't want to make it too short else it might arrive during sleep!
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    suggestion: how about listing X10 on GoPHP5 ( to let people know that all hosting accounts use PHP 5.2+ (which i believe they do now). i would have added you myself but i don't have a url to direct them to in order to prove it, the hosting page on the X10 site only says '5+'...
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    i'm having problems with my account. some of the pages aren't displaying for my site. no worries there, i've got a backup. however, i can't log in via ftp... i tried changing the ftp password via cpanel (which i CAN log in to and should be the exact same login), that redirected me to changing...
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    [To Corey!] Ad free hosting with MySQL Support

    @Corey, whatever happened to MySQL support in v3? quoting from your post that the temporary page on the x10 website linked to: i took that to mean we'd be able to use MySQL on the ad-free free hosting package, but my cpanel says 'SQL databases 0/0' :(
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    .htaccess rewrite rule

    can someone help with a simple .htaccess rewrite rule? RewriteRule ^articles(.*) pages/articles$1 im trying to simply relace the "articles" directory with pages/articles", but im just getting 404 errors. btw, im practicing this on a home server, so server config could be a factor, but its...