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    How much RAM do you have?

    1 stick 256 333mhz
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    3ds max vs maya.

    i've only ever used 3ds max, its pretty intuitive and the tutorials are great.
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    nVidia Users: Free Steam Games

    I think, not sure, but if you have any halflife2 engine game you can play all the hl2 mods, golden eye source, black mesa source, garry's mod 9, mario kart source, alot of coop(attempts) source and such and such source. So yeah its pretty good actually.
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    Game Trainers - Do you think they make a game fun?

    cheating is ok once you have completed a game, but Its not for online play.
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    God vs. Science

    Very interesting indeed.
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    Looking for Staff

    I know a little php and MySQL but depends really what you want to do, so far what i know how to do is to use the post and get methods to send and receive data from an MySQL database using php scripting and displaying in flash.
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    How to store images in a MySQL database

    good post.
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    Free domain.

    wow it works, just got one my self too
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    Looking for Staff

    i'm good with the flash but no as3 experience.
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    Whats your Web Design Project?

    I am learning database flash intergration through php and mysql. When i can figure that out, I will make random games with scoreboards and such, just something fun to learn and maybe useful later on.
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    Count to 1 Million

    393 years later and this thread still wont be at 1000000 at this rate.
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    Re: Which Os do u prefer im too lazy to investigate new OSs , xp works fine for what i need, games, internet, procrastination....., is all good.
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    Corey Got married!!

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    Towel Trick?

    Ahah when i read towel trick i thought it was about something else...
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    Should I go college?

    In that case, you dont need to go to college at all, if website design is all you want to do. Only go to college if u want to pursue education to a high level and thus improve your chances of getting a well paid job.