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    Help with Suspention and reporting a unknown redirect on my account

    Hi, I've just come back from a 5 month trip but i checked in at least once a week with the forum and was able to log in to my account today. I was busy using fantastico to creating a new site when I saw a redirect on my account I didn't recognize ( When I went...
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    Need help winning a bet in KAW

    Hi, First off you need a ipod/iphone/ipad to be able to help me. So I play a game called Kingdoms at War (KAW) on my Iphone and a friend bet me that they could get the max recruiter badge before me. So I need as many people to use my ref # in the game as possible. Here's how you can help...
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    What Is VMWARE ? pls help

    The simple answer is NO! you won't be able to load MAC OS other then that its YES! :)
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    What is the memory of your Graphic Card.

    Heres a ss of my info. I had three but put one in my development machine.
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    Image with white background

    Heres a link to a good tut on how to do this.
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    New group for pro designers

    sounds like a good idea ;) we'll see how its implemented. :D
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    What do you think of my Logo?

    ok First off its good concept sketch, a place for you to start now that you have the initial concept down, but as the finished product... I'm sorry but its terrible.
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    Post your specs

    Main System: Monitors: 22" LCD, 12WX Wacom Cintiq Case: LianLi PC-A77 Power Supply: 1250 watt CPU: i7 920 Memory: 6GB 2x XFX Nvidia GTX 275 SLI Motherboard: Asus Rampage II Extreme KB: Logitech G15 V1 Mouse: Logitech MX1000 and Cintiq Speakers: JBL Creatures CD\DVD: LG Sata V2 Combo...
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    Help with photoshop graphic

    Like everyone's saying72DPI for web and 300-600 for print (depends on the size of image your printing. Can't help you with the blocky issue until you post a sample.
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    Photoshop printing problem

    The reason I asked is if your printing a small pic bigger then it is PS sometimes puts a halftone on it to increase the detail, but if you tried it with multiple resolutions then its not that. what are your color settings set to? Edit>Color Settings Mine are set to "North American General...
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    Photoshop printing problem

    what size is the image your trying to print? not MB but true pixel size?
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    How much RAM do you have?

    Know that feeling but i have 4 GB.
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    And LOTS of It Deff a Violation!!!
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    Hair Crazy, Or Hair Brain

    Well's here's what I've been busy with lately. Original 1 Original 2 Original 3
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    Deaths Hounds