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    My feedback on this is google is up to something but nothing bad always good i am a big fan of google and i support google. my three points are. google chrome is one of the quickest browsers i have ever used, it is stable, easy to use, and one of the best applications that google has come out...
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    I am new and i am here to stay

    hello every one i just want to say that x10 is the best hosting i have ever used the servers are fast and the support is great. x10 is better then some payed hosting services i have tryed and i am geting the service from x10 for free. i dont care who you are but you cant get this service any...
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    i can't send or recive email on my account

    i am getting any err i just can't send anything from it or send anything to my email account Edit: nevermind i fix it thank for no help your support sucks
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    Urgent!!!!!!Can't send or rcive emails

    i need help i can't send or get emails and after i create an email account i can't login using webmail. user klove fourm id vstafford url
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    i can't send or recive email on my account

    cpanel: klove form name vstafford i have tryed everything i recread an email account i just don't know please help:dunno: