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  • My AIM is tonylfigueroa and my MSN is coldfirezz@hotmail.com. If you send me the 7,500 credits and the Account to which I will deposit the $5 then I will sen the credits. Thank you very much.
    Yeah, I just found out that its taken. I'll be thinking of a new game for now. And its okay that you don't have a credit card. I'll think of something!
    Or, you knoww in the announcements, it says that get a free .com domain. I will pay you 2000 credits if you do that for me cause I don't have a credit card to use and if you register for me, I'll give you 2000-3000 credits! You can register for a .com domain!
    Yeah thanks. but I don't know what to do about our domain. I can't do co.cc cause it says I have to pay but I'll try again later. And if I want to use my credits I can't pay you. Do you think you can be on standbye and don't have to be staff until I can domain and everything ready. If that is alright with you!
    Yeah, I understand. I'm gonna try to make an article by end of today! Wish me luck:p
    Yeah, I'll do it right now. So sorry man. Anything I can do for your waisted time!
    Yeah, they have to be in your own words, but you can take pictures and stuff. But has to be in your own words so its not copied from the site.
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