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    Server Status & Chopin

    Is there no way to check server status then?
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    Server Status & Chopin Cannot Find Server
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    Adding a NS to GoDaddy

    Ok so I changed it to "Custom" and I was then prompted to enter the two name servers, which I did, so it now lists the name servers correctly. I have also doubled checked that I changed my domain correctly on my account page, its all good. But, my page still doesn't load. I'm on Chopin.x10, is...
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    Server Status & Chopin

    I'm looking to find the page that displays the server status for my server, Chopin.x10, but it isn't listed here: Anyone know what the deal is with that?
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    Adding a NS to GoDaddy

    There is also a "Set Nameservers" setting that has the following options: -Parked nameservers (Park my domains here.) -Hosting nameservers (Host my domains here.) -Custom nameservers (I host my domains elsewhere.) Which do you think I should set mine as?
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    Adding a NS to GoDaddy

    I just recently bought domain from GoDaddy and I want to link it to my x10 account, so here's what I did: -changed my domain to: on my x10 account page -added & on my GoDaddy Total DNS Control page (as Host: @, Points...
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    Hey, I have a few questions regarding phpBB3. - Is it possible to install it on a subdomain? e.g. - Do I need to upgrade my PHP version to Intermediate for it to work? - How easy is it to install? - Is version 3 (phpBB3 Beta) compatible with the servers - Do I need to...
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    [Tutorial] Full Signature Tutorial

    Title : Exodus' Full Signature Tut Program : ADOBE PhotoShop CS1+ Type : Forum GFX Style : Filters and Brushes Difficulty : Easy This was actually the first tutorial I ever made. I got comments on other forums saying it was easy to follow so hopefully there won't be too much confusion...
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    [Tutorial] Flow Tutorial

    Title : Flow Tutorial Program : ADOBE PhotoShop CS1+ Type : Forum GFX Style : Filters Difficulty : Easy Here is a tut for a tag I displayed in my portfolio earlier. It was requested so here ya go! If you have any questions just reply to the thread and I'll be more than happy to assist you. And...
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    How do I use my domain?

    I recently registered a .TK domain (EXODUSDESIGN.TK) and set it to my website ( I log into cPanel, go to Domain Parking, put in EXODUSDESIGN.TK, but I get this error: "Error from park wrapper: Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear...
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    OK, now I have a big problem

    " An Error Has Occurred Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system. Please post on our forums to seek support on this issue." I just do what the words on my screen say... I also can't login to cPanel... TY in...
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    Can't Login to cPanel

    I cannot log into my cPanel. I registered yesterday and since such time have been not been able to log in. I can access my account page and forums, however no cPanel. Anyone have any ideas? It just says "Login Attempt Failed!"Am I missing a step here? Thanks in advance!!
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    How's it going x10?

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to say 'hey'. I joined yesterday and I'm really excited to get going. I don't know much about hosting websites and all that, although I know how to code one :). If anyone has an cool links or something please share 'em with me, that would be very appreciated. Also, how...
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    A bit of my Portfolio

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new here at x10 (I joined today :P) and was perusing the forums and to my delight found a GFX section. :laugh: So, I thought I would post a bit of my work to see what you guys thought :) Take a look and feel free to comment. All comments are welcome! (I've done my best...