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    Looking for a download script like pafileDB

    So I spent pretty much hours looking for a download script like pafileB and I'm not finding any good results. I really don't want to take the risk of installing a old version of pafileDB considering how many exploits are out there for it. I'm looking for a alternative to that download system...
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    Error establishing a database connection

    Same, I'm on the Chopin server too.
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    Chopin Expidited frustration????

    You forgot to click the close tab. ^^
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    Chopin Expidited frustration????

    I say you deserve for what you lost. I mean really? The free hosting that X10Hosting kindly provides is for everyone's own use. For what they offer, they give a lot of space and bandwidth. I've been with these guys for 5 years or so now, they are in fact very reliable when it comes to service...
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    Reset pass in phpBB through MySQL? [Huge points opportunity]

    I stole some points from the x10hosting staff when they were implementing the little shop thing. If you keep stealing you get a negative point but its been like 3 years or so. Yeah I was a bit immature with the feature and then they took it off. I think I stole from Corey and Tyler (maybe hes...
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    Reset pass in phpBB through MySQL? [Huge points opportunity]

    Gave Marasm 600 credits, might give you 200 more and zapzack 450 for the link making it easier. :P
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    Why to stay at x10Hosting..

    Considering I had an account from the end of my 8th grade year to now (Senior, this year), I'm sorta glad I never switched to any other free hosting. These guys are awesome and still standing. Though I feel bad stealing some the staff's points when they had the stealing feature for the shop...
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    Reset pass in phpBB through MySQL? [Huge points opportunity]

    I seriously need help with this. None of my passwords aren't working so it must be some password I entered on accident. I need to reset my own account on phpBB through MySQL. I do not want to reinstall it because some of my guildies are using it. I also don't have my email set in my own forum...
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    Backup Issues

    Yeah I figured this would happen sadly so I created a new blog for my site. Is there anyway if you are to retrieve them that you don't replace those files with our current?
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    My domain???

    I was on Stoli but it seems to work fine now, both ways. :happysad:
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    My domain???

    I've haven't done anything to it over a year. It has worked with the www's and without it. adam.k has a sub domain and he has the same problem too.
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    My domain???

    No I haven't yet. I've can only access my domain without the www. It's not really a problem but more of a annoyance since the forum uses the www in the URL.
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    My domain???

    For some reason, my domain is showing up with another link... I'm not sure if I've been just hacked but my other domain thats hosted on there works. Could it be Anyone with domains having this problem? This fitbit is not my site just to state the obvious.
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    What can I do with a VPS?

    Oh cool so I can basically make a game server if I wanted to? Lol