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    How much RAM do you have?

    2GB DDR2-667 for the moment, I'm planning to upgrade to 4GB DDR2-800 since I like messing around with FL Studio and similar programs and most of the plugins demand lots of memory...
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    Database got corrupted after downtime

    I am in Lotus, and in a matter of fact I'm not surprised that I'm not the only one with troubles of this kind. Probably one of the hard disks had some damage when the server fell down.
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    Database got corrupted after downtime

    Thanks for the replys! zen-r, I checked out your solution but unluckily it doesn't seem to back up the databases. And descalzo, when I used cPanel's repair database tool many files were shown as corrupted. All were related to the wiki, kinda rare considering that the wiki and the forums share...
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    Database got corrupted after downtime

    Well, I'll post it here since maybe someone of you can give me a hand with this... I have a website which consists on a phpBB3 forum and a MediaWiki wiki. Both of them have been working great since the moment I uploaded them last March, but with the last downtime the something happened and now...
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    need help with php error

    You probably got a problem with spaces in fields like Time and Date, Number of rounds or Number of players. If there nothing else using these fields, change them to timedate, rounds and players, for example. Otherwise you can try single quoting the fields in that line, to make MySQL notice that...
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    How come PHP is not insertting my data into MySQL?

    Try putting the PHP variables between single quotes: $sql = "INSERT INTO members (id, password, ipaddress, fName, lName, address, city, zipcode, phone, email, cardNum, securityCode, expMonth, expYear, organizations) VALUES ('', '', ''...
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    Latest Update - News Response

    Cossacks seems to be down too, I'm opening a support ticket...
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    Post your specs

    Well, here's my computer, it's not something amazing but is what I can afford for the moment: Intel Pentium Dual Core E2160@1.80GHz 2GB DDR2 RAM 512MB XFX Geforce 9500GT 160GB SATA + 80GB IDE (for downloads) + 20GB IDE (for some of my music) 17" 1280x1024 LCD Mobo Biostar P4M890-M7 (sucks so...
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    Extremely frequent downtimes in Cossacks.x10

    Hi everyone, I don't like to yell and complain about everything, but in the last weeks the frequent downtimes in the adfree Cossacks server are getting really annoying. I'm pretty sure there's no way to move your account to another server, but is there any chance the server will become stable...
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    NOD32, the best in my opinion (I had many bad experiences with other AVs). However, the trojan detection is not that good, it detects tons of programs (mostly emulators and open source stuff) as "possible trojans". Anyway since I use Spybot to find trojans I just disabled it in the NOD32 menu.
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    Weird phpBB3 error

    The 2nd part of the code ;) <fieldset><input name="keywords" id="keywords" maxlength="128" title="<?php echo ((isset($this->_rootref['L_SEARCH_KEYWORDS'])) ? $this->_rootref['L_SEARCH_KEYWORDS'] : ((isset($user->lang['SEARCH_KEYWORDS'])) ? $user->lang['SEARCH_KEYWORDS'] : '{ SEARCH_KEYWORDS...
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    Weird phpBB3 error

    I know that error means that at least one of the tags are open, I just can't find a single open tag across the code... However, in the hurry I posted the wrong code (when I opened the file in Dreamweaver it executed all the code :P ), this is the code I wanted to post (I'll have to put it in 2...
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    Weird phpBB3 error

    Hi there, maybe someone of you can help me out with this trouble. I recently instaled phpBB3 and a couple of mods for a new site I'm working since some time ago. Yesterday I started to modify the skin without noticing that phpBB3 keeps a cache of all recently used files in order to work faster...
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    Noob help with website

    In fact I think it depends on the hosting server, but in fact that happened to me about a year ago when I moved my site here and I didn't realize what was going on until I saw that index.php on the main directory (anyway I didin't have a lot of knowledge about the subject in that moment, so I'm...
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    Noob help with website

    You probably added an index page called index.htm or index.html, but when you opened your hosting account a file called index.php was automatically created, and since php files have priority over htm/html files you can't see your own index page. Just remove index.php and you have to start seeing...