1st Bn, 502nd PIR - Realism Unit for Darkest Hour

Discussion in 'Review My Site' started by fndrsoc5, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. fndrsoc5

    fndrsoc5 New Member

  2. Zubair

    Zubair Community Leader Community Support

    you made a good site... but i personal don`t like dark colors
  3. stesouthby

    stesouthby New Member

    good site a little on the dark side its hurts the eyes a little after awhile
  4. fndrsoc5

    fndrsoc5 New Member

    It doesnt appear that dark on my screen. its probably because my brightness is pretty high :p
  5. atag headquarters

    atag headquarters New Member Prime Account

    Looks great !! Good Job.
  6. fndrsoc5

    fndrsoc5 New Member

    Thank you. Ill be adding a few more things to the roster using some JS to give a more interactive roster page.
  7. Linkz0rs

    Linkz0rs Member

    the site looks very nice =]
    very nice layout *thumbs up*
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