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before I buy this, I want to make sure, what exactly I'm actually buying. I've not found a better place to post this question, so please, excuse me, if I picked the wrong section.

1) Sitebuilder with over 200 templates to choose from.

What exactly is this please? Sitebuilder? Is it some kind of web-page interface, where I can build a site, something like those free 'make a site in 5 minutes' services offer? 200 templates? What kind of templates please? Flash, php?

2) 4 Automated Daily Backups.

It's backing up all my sites or databases? And where does it store them? Is the back-up accessible by me or only by your admins? See, if somebody hacks my forums or my web-site, deletes it in order to cause a huge damage, while having my passwords, can he access the back-up and delete it as well? This is my biggest concern in regard to this thing.

3) Fantastico & Softaculous (150+ Autoinstall Scripts).

What is this in general? Scripts, yes. But how and for what can I use those?

4) Free Domain.


5) Dedicated IP Address.

What is this good for?

6) Free SSL Certificate.

And this helps my site how?

7) Storage.

How's it with storage for my sites? How much space do I get?

Thanks a lot in advance for answering my questions.

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