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Hi everyone,

We updated our website's account portal and cPanel today.

Below are the noteworthy changes. (Along with many smaller bug fixes and adjustments.)

You may now re-link an existing community forums account to your web hosting account via cPanel.
This is for our users that are active within the community and/or seeking community support with a forum account that is not linked to your web hosting account. Normally a new forum account is created when you register for a new web hosting account. However, if you had a forum account in the past that is different from the new account, you can now attach that to your web hosting account.

To access this option simply navigate to the Get Support page in cPanel followed by the Visit Forums button. On that page you'll see the option "Link your existing community forums account."

Suspended accounts are now kept for 21 days.
In the past we removed inactive free web hosting accounts from our servers after 14 days. We've now increased this time to 21 days.

As a reminder - we require all non-Prime web hosting accounts to sign into our account portal at least once per month. Inactivity warnings are sent 48 and 24 hours prior to a suspension to let you know that you're cutting it close to the timeout. If your account goes inactive you'll be temporarily suspended for up to 21 days or until we hear back from you. To return your account to good standing you'll need to sign into the account portal within this time period and request an unsuspension.

You may now request a cancellation of your free web hosting account via cPanel. This option is located under the Account Settings page.

In the past we asked that you open a forum thread to request cancellation. This is no longer required. You should use the control panel page from now on if you wish to no longer use our free hosting service.

cPanel login.
You should always access our control panel through our main website at:

If you have a server's cPanel login page bookmarked directly it will now automatically redirect to the main website's login page.

If you experience any problems please let us know in the Free Hosting community forum.
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