A little testimonial, about the free hosting service!

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I know that the forums are usually full of people saying, “This or that doesn’t work.” I know I am guilty of some of these! However, I would like to share something that I have found about x10, in my own personal experience.

As part of my day job, I have to set things up on servers for clients, usually custom back ends, and also the pages, some programming for custom built site, etc. This takes me in to a lot of server panels, and also a lot of hosting companies.

So, background out the window, and here is what I want to say… A lot of them are absolutely [I don’t think I could swear on the forum, and get away with it, even in context!]. Some of the ‘professional’ hosting services that I have encountered have such a bad interface on the backend, and it can be a pain to get the things functioning right.
Also, their ‘customer services’ are sometimes left lacking by things.

One thing about x10, is that there are not generic ‘customer services’ official, it is a group of hard working, dedicated volunteers; who give whatever they can to make the user experience better. There is no waiting on the phone for someone to talk to you, or there is nothing that makes you feel that the host values you. Because with x10, someone WILL get back to you, and that is the good bit.

And if something is going wrong, or something needs to be done… They will do their damn best to inform you of it, before it happens!

As for the server downtime, and ‘drag’ that people complain about, what do you expect… It is a free host at the end of the day. However, I have encountered some that are paid for, and their service is not as good as the one that I have found here.

When my proper website is due for server renewal, I am definitely thinking about giving the x10 paid services a go (for the reason, I can get more functionality here, for the things I am wanting to do with my site!); and as I get asked about hosting companies, from time to time, one I always recommend is this one!

So, Corey and the team… Thanks for a great service, and a great community to be part of!


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I am sure I speak for all of us at x10hosting when I say this.

Thank you very much for the great feedback. We all try our hardest and it is so nice to have a little back pat every now and then.
If I may move this to the correct forum, "Feedback and suggestions" just to keep it tidy.