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Tariqul Islam

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Hi Friends,

There are many PTC (Pay To Click) Sites in the internet. But I want to introduce you with a very much dramatic site.

There you can earn $ 0.0100 per click and if you have any referral you can earn $0.015 from each click of your referral. Minimum payout is $ 10.00. You have 4-5 ads per day.

But If you purchase premium membership then you earn $ 0.0200 per your own click and $ 0.0200 from each click of your referral. Premium membership cost only $ 7.00 for one month valid time period. For One Year it costs you only $ 50.00. If you purchase premium membership the minimum payout is $ 2.00. You have 12-13 ads per day.

You can purchase referrals or you can invite your direct referrals to this site. If you purchase it costs only $ 1.00 per referral for one month valid time period and $ 0.50 for extending this referral for the next month.

Now I want to share a little bit with you from my own experience. I invested $ 7.00 for one month premium membership and $ 10.00 for buying 10 referrals. I can earn $ 1.00 every day from my referrals and instantly use it to buy the next 1 referral. Think this process has a CHAIN REACTION. Everyday you earn more and more. By continuing this process any one can earn minimum $ 100.00 each day after only 2 months if he invested only $ 17.00 like me. ;)

Click here to join now.

Non referral link goes here: http://www.ahbux.com

Hope you can enjoy the site. :biggrin: