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Pardon me, but could you please add a forum about zeppelins? For if one were to feel compelled to discuss zeppelins, one would more-definitely than not, enjoy discussing the various aspects of zeppelin. Might I suggest you add some sub-forums of the soon-to-be zeppelin forum as well? These sub-forums could be:
-Zeppelin design, where individuals can discuss engineering zeppelins.

-German use of zeppelins during World War II, where individuals can discuss the Wehrmacht's employment of zeppelins during World War II.

-Post WWII zeppelins, where individuals can discuss modern day uses of zeppelins.

-Zeppelins as light reconnaissance aircraft, where one can discuss the value of using dirigibles to obtain reconnaissance information.

-Ma look I built a zeppelin, where members can post pictures, or even videos, of real-life zeppelins that they built, and share their wonderful zeppelin creations with the world.

-The Hindenburg, where members can discuss the Hindenburg Disaster.