A Tribute To X10 / Corey / And all the staff @ X10 Hosting

Woodland Spirit

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Yep its me again :) Different name, different website, but new attitude and need to give some appreciation where its due.

The staff here, especially Corey know me more for my sometimes unpredictable nature when it comes to losing my temper at times, but thankfully they have come to know that im really quite harmless, so they continue to tolerate me to an extent, and believe it or not, i never intend to be rude, it just seems to burst out sometimes, and for that i apologize to all.

That being said, i would like to thank X10 / Corey for making it possible for me to even have a website online. I am an old guy, now retired because my employer of over 30 years decided it was time to shed himself of all his old longtime loyal employees by "downsizing", a term that big companies use to justify what they feel is taking out the trash and bringing in new blood. At any rate i now have to survive on social security, and one of my few remaining enjoyments is having a social website based on my chosen hobby of 30 years, where i can hopefully interact with others in that same hobby.

its not a fancy site by any means, not designed to make money, so i have no sponsors or contributers, I use free software, and thanks to X10, enjoy the use of free hosting, which i might add, could not possibly be any less perfect than hosting companies that charge big bucks to supply essentially the same or less service and support.

My only complaint if you will, which is not really a complaint at all, is that i would enjoy having unmetered space on my site, not because i need it so much as it would just feel better. ;)

For the use of the Staff here my site info is:

  • Username: mydoma50
  • Site is hosted as an addon domain for: http://myfirstfishtank.xyz
  • Everything works perfectly, and always has here at X10.
  • I would, and do recommend X10 Hosting at every opportunity.
  • If any Staff member sees anything that im doing wrong, its not out of being disrespectful to this companies TOS but quite frankly out of ignorance which i hope will be understood and handled gently :oops:
  • Finally, I want to say how much i do appreciate Corey, and all the other helpful staff here, and hope to be tolerated for a long time in the future.