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Glad to know there's something who shares my view of things; really, lutinx10, thank you.
My Thread got replied to by a "Contributor" who links to a Free Hosting Support Lead person...and oh, look, my thread was closed, so now I have to reply with another thread.

Our internal statistics disprove your points. The countries we have blacklisted formed the vast majority of abuse due to lax internet laws regarding piracy, etc. which we cannot allow on our servers since anyone hosting with a US-based company with US-based servers must follow US laws. This abuse put a strain on server resources (in the case of scripts such as udp flooders or rapidleech), got our servers blacklisted on more than one occasion with multiple email service providers due to spam emails (which also hurts legitimate users trying to send out emails), were often the users that opened the most support tickets for the stupidest reasons (putting a strain on our support staff), and never upgraded. That last part in particular is where you are wrong -- if 33% of users from a country upgraded, then that country would likely be on the whitelist unless there were serious abuse issues with them. In reality, of the countries not on the whitelist, the upgrade rate is maybe 0.1%. Maybe. Usually it's exactly 0%. We get very little to no money whatsoever from the vast majority of blacklisted countries, so it doesn't make sense to continue allowing service to them when most of what they do is abuse.

We occasionally update our country list (as we did previously), and it may change again in the future. Which countries are on the list and which are not is
not up for debate or discussion. I replied to this thread giving some insight on why we blacklist countries, not to open a discussion on this policy. As such, I am closing this thread.

He sprouts a load of crap, without knowing anything...he probably even ignores where Europe is.
Well, let me point one thing out: viruses, frauds and scams in general travel from America to the rest of the world and not viceversa.

He also says that the blacklisted countries are the one who abuse X10 servers the most...and, frankly, that's impossible, because it's impossible that every single country inside the blacklist in a certain time span, aside from the 8 you accept, provokes the same amount of abuse in the same way at the same time (the servers would already have crashed without chance of recovery a long time ago).
He's stating that 188 countries are inhabited for the 80% by abusing, scamming criminals and that, admit it for God's sake!, is pure RACISM!! :mad::mad:

Then he goes on by saying that the upgrade rate from blacklisted countries is 0%...well, no wonder there. How can they upgrade if they cannot even sign up due to their country being in the blacklist in the first place?!?!

Lastly, he accuses me of wanting to initiate a discussion and for that he has to close my thread...I was just explaing the facts as they are, plain and simple; stop making poor excusing for the discriminating policies, nobody is so stupid to buy them anyway.

In any case.
This will be my last thread/post about this; dragging my feet on this would really start a discussion which has never been my intention.

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