Ace Combat 5 on Synctube anyone?


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With the absence of Planetside 2 to kill my time (Windows derped to the point I had to swap to ubuntu), I've decided to start up a synctube channel at where I'll probably be putting on gameplay videos and playthroughs. I currently plan on going through the Ace Combat games (Starting with 5, best storyline of them all IMO), mostly for the benefit of a friend who I want to introduce to the series (Hence me starting with the best storyline of the games I've played).

At the moment, I'm just letting a playlist with the Ace Combat 5 OST play while I wait for the time me and said friend determined toactually run the playlist. We'll be starting at about 2130 Eastern Standard (GMT -0500), and running until about 2300 Eastern Standard when she'll have to head off. I'll schedule another time to continue on where we left off.

The playlist will be of BryUK playing through Ace Combat 5. No commentary, but showing all the cutscenes and missions in the order you'd see them while playing yourself. Kind of like watching an Ace Combat movie imo :p

Anyway, feel free to hop onto the synctube channel anytime you want between now and 2130 to catch some music and hang out, or between 2130 and 2300 to watch the playlist with us ^^


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