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Alright, so, I've officially bit off more than I can proverbially chew this semester, and I need some straight-forward direction. I took a class in game theory, which, to my utter surprise, was actually a class based on the creation of a functioning Flash-based game. No biggie, except I've never used Flash, nor Action Script, and my initial game concept was apparently so wonderful that my instructor is now expecting a work of art out of me (which, haha, I have not been prepared to deliver).

So, the point...

Does anyone know of any good Action Script 3.0 tutorials or guides written with the programmer in mind?

I have some experience with C++, Java, OOP, and programming principles; what I'm looking for in an efficient API-like resource that I can pick up or index FAST that'll show me how to use the syntax, what to look out for/troubleshoot, and how to anchor it down to a Flash application. Resources that have tips-and-tricks or short demos would be WONDERFUL.

I'll be working with Flash CS4 -- a program I have utterly no experience with, so that whole 'make it work with this' part is important. I only have a few days to accomplish a backbone for my project.

Will appreciate any bone you can throw me.