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Hi guys,

This is a Ads mangement package for SMF 1.1 RC2 users to add googles or yahoo ads codes.You can also view reports on the ads to see how often they are getting displayed. It can be found in the Administration panel under the heading “Configuration”. There is a new link there called “Ad Management” . Clicking on this link will bring up the configuration screen for the Ad Management Mod. In here you will see 4 tabs, Edit ads, Add ads, Reports and Credits

Adding Ads

To add your ads in this version is quite simple. Go into the Admin panel of SMF and under the Configuration heading click on Ad Management then click on Add Ads. Under this tab you will see several sections, the first being Name. This should be filled in with what you want to call this particular ad. For example, if it's Google ads you might want to type “Google” (no quotes). This is done to identify the ad code so that you can easily edit it later on, or to see reports on your ad.
Next is the content section, in here is where you place the ad code. In this version of the ad mod it can handle both HTML and PHP languages. Place your Google code in here or any other ad code you may have.
After your ad code has been placed you come to a box that says “Which boards should this ad display in “. In this box you insert the number of the board you would like the ads to be displayed in. For example, if you have a board on your forum named “Rules” and it happens to be the first board on your forum, then clicking on it would give you a url of this:
The board number is at the end of the url. So in that box should be put simply the number “1” (no quotes). If you want to display this ad in multiple boards, you can put 1,2 (where 2 is the number of the second board) to display it in both boards 1 and 2. If you want to display your ad code on every board, simply leave this input box empty.
The next option is “Display ads within posts”. This works the same way as our previous field, only here you are inputing were in between the posts you want the ads to be displayed. So if you want the ads to be displayed between the first and third posts, then in this field you would put “1,3” (no quotes). If you don’t want this ad to display inside any post, leave the input box empty.
The following option is “type'. You can choose between “HTML” or “PHP” (google ads display as HTML). The rest of the options under this tab are pretty much self explanatory. One thing that is very important to remember, when placing “Skyscraper” ads, you must get the appropriate code to fill in the “content” field under this tab. Horizontal ads will NOT work for vertical (Skyscraper) ads.
Clicking the “Add” button at the bottom of this page will save your configuration for the ad.

Example on the admin panel


Example display on the ads


For other version of smf, please download from this link

Hope you guys find this information useful


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