Allowing SSH for premium(or possibly free) users.


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Now, I myself am not a premium user. However, I would be if we could SSH into servers. Even if it was multiple websites on one server box, I think we should be able to have a username and password and only allow us to access the stuff to do with our site. Here are some more reason why I think this should be possible:
  • Flask; I personally use flask with python for web development. It is really versatile and it allows me to do more advanced things then what I can even imagine to do in PHP.
  • Things other than websites; Say I wanted to host a server for the game I am working on (which I REALLY need a good, down-to-the-bones hosting service for this) I could make it using this website.
  • Compete with Digital Ocean; If we could use SSH, the company would almost instantly compete with Digital Ocean, since they are essentially rent a server box.
Also, because the chances are I can't afford premium for too long (I have no source of income sadly), could you make it available for free users? This would boost popularity even more and it would allow people who are too poor to afford Digital Ocean a chance to dabble in the same sort of stuff. Now, if this is out of the question for whatever reason, you could allow free users to have a limited SSH (User can only do some things) but as soon as you upgrade you will get lots of those limits removed (Apart from any to do with privacy). If you do consider my option, please tell me and I thank you for reading.

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What you want is a VPS, and that's already on offer at Shell access isn't going to happen on Free Hosting; there is more than enough abuse and shenanigans going on with PHP and static files, and the support/enforcement resources just aren't there (and couldn't be, from a purely economics point of view) to expand the threat surface by a couple of orders of magnitude. With a VPS (or a dedicated server, which is really expensive) all you can mess up is your sandboxed instance; any real damage can be cured by nuking your instance. With shared hosting, you can spoil everybody's day.

As for the "more advanced things then [sic] what I can even imagine to do in PHP", it's the imagination that's lacking. Or possibly the depth of knowledge that would allow you to imagine everything you can do. A Turing-complete language is a Turing-complete language; some things are just more obvious or idiomatic (or, let's face it, more efficient) in one language than in another.