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  1. kulpin

    kulpin New Member

    hello! i was just interested which antivirus you use, because i want to buy something. i heard that nod32 is good, but also i heard that bitdefender is also great. what do you use and what would you recommend?
  2. arsonistx

    arsonistx New Member

    Nod32 is a pretty good anti-virus, but I would have to say Kaspersky would be the best bet. Never, I repeat, never use Norton or McAfee. I have read plenty articles about how people have found these two programs to be creating their own viruses, and to top that off, they are CPU hogs, majorly.

    If you are very experienced in computers, I would suggest HijackThis, but trust me, if you are not very very experienced with computers (how they run, file systems, file types, ect.) I do not suggest this program.

    I would suggest getting a good firewall too. Comodo firewall is free and very easy to use, and does a great job at keeping hackers out. :) If you are willing to pay for one of these as well, I would highly suggest Zone Alarm as a firewall.

    Here are links to all the programs I reccommended to you: [Nod32] [Kaspersky] [HijackThis] [Comodo Firewall] [Zone Alarm]

    There you have it! :)
  3. GamingX

    GamingX Executive Team

    I personally use NOD32. It works fine, does not use a lot of RAM, and never given me any problems.
  4. lambada

    lambada New Member

    I use avast! antivirus.
  5. kulpin

    kulpin New Member

    personally i think that i need a antivirus with good heuristic, because more and more new viruses are been created and i don't think that antivirus companies can provide protection from them very quickly... but also if you use a good firewall and you don't visit some xxx sites chance of getting a virus are smaller.i have been surfing on the net and i found that nod32 has some threatsense technology but bitdefender has a registry protection.i didn't find some info about the new nod32 v3 but i think it is gonna be something good.thanks for the advice.
  6. eboyer

    eboyer New Member

    Avast is a good Antivirus program it can only be used don't he home user setting, if you want to use it commercial you need a commercial license for it. And i cant say out of my 10 years working with Antivirus has Norton ever given me a virus! People who do strange and illegal things might end up with one and blame it on Norton or someone who is computer illiterate might, or just someone how hates corporations. Don't you think if corporations use it without an issue, that its really just fine and its the end users lack of "knowing" as fir firewall, I do not suggest you use Norton for that, that is a CPU hog. ZoneAlarm is the best in my mind there is a free version and a pro version.
  7. nakg0d

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  8. satheesh

    satheesh New Member

    I am using AVG.
    I think Avg is best for you.
    It take less memory only.
  9. ipawnnoobs

    ipawnnoobs New Member

    I use ZoneAlarm Anti-Virus and ZeroSpyware and I am satisfied with both. :)

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