Asking for more space, I think?


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Hello all, I went to the x10Hosting Discord with this question first, and was pointed to this forum to ask for more space:
I am using FileZilla to try and update several files on my website. I keep getting a FileZilla 451 error, "error during write to file". Google has given me multiple answers on what that could mean, and most of them say "contact FTP for support". The files and directories I am in seem to all have the proper read/write/execute permissions for me, the owner/admin, but I cannot get my files up. My transfer fails, and then the file shows as uploaded but has a size of 0 bytes.
I am an artist with very, VERY limited code knowledge and have never encountered this problem with FileZilla or my domain on x10hosting, but I haven't tried to update anything in quite a while.
May I please have more space on my site, or if that's not the solution, may someone please help resolve my error issue? Thanks for your time.


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you should have posted to the free hosting section.

from what i can see, its possible you need more space.
but please check that you have no temp files, no archives like zip or rar stored.
no other back up files, all files need to be in use by your website and follow the terms of service.
staff will then need to review your website before granting the space increase.