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I have had a free website on X10Hosting for many (many) years, and have never faced a problem, until today.

When I tried to login just now, there was this message:

"There is a problem with your request

You are signing in from India, and unfortunately we are unable to offer free web hosting service service to India at this time. Please check back with us in the future as we are working to expand our supported countries."

My first reaction was that this is a mistake. But no, it persisted. The second reaction was, WTF?

If somebody in X10 has decided to withdraw free hosting services in the Indian subcontinent, the least they could have done was:

1. Tell everyone in advance, so that affected people (like me) will be able to look for an alternative.
2. Give them a date when the services are going to be terminated, so that they have sufficient time to migrate their data.
3. Give them access to take a backup.

As for me, I have a backup, but there may be many who don't. Too bad. Life is tough. Why should you care?

Please delete my site. I can't even log in to do that.

Many thanks for the space and bandwidth.

With regards,
Kartik Patel
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