Can I make a website in Python or Django?


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The tutorial tells me to upload by ftp. Can't I upload by using cPanel?
Yes, but FTP clients are easier and more powerful. Uploading multiple files is easier with most FTP clients. Uploading folders isn't possible with cPanel, unless you archive (e.g. zip) the folder first, then unarchive it after u/ling. Some FTP clients also support synchronization, which is a big win.

Can I also use Django?
Django isn't installed (you could have easily searched for this), and I very much doubt you can install it on your own. Python can be used for CGI scripts and backend stuff, but not too much else.

Are there any restrictions to using python?
By default, only python scripts in cgi-bin (or scgi-bin, if you have CGIWrap set up) are executed. You can add an AddHandler directive to .htaccess to run python scripts elsewhere. The tutorial you link to shows the specifics.

Other than that, the same restrictions that apply to running PHP or Perl also apply to Python, plus anything that accesses Apache internals (such as apache) aren't available, since Python scripts aren't run via an Apache module.

What modules are available?
All the standard library, of course, plus MySQL-python 1.2.3c1, meldpysvn, setuptools, superlance and supervisor. You can get the module paths from sys.path, and read their contents using os.listdir.

What version of Python is used?
2.6.4 (you can use platform.python_version or sys.version to get this info)