Cannot Update Wordpress, nor upload "class-simplepie.php"

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So, I have 2 problems with my hosting account, and I'm hoping I can get some help, or, even better, a solution to the issue.

The first problem is -

  • When using FTP ( The client I use is FileZilla ), there's a single file that, for some reason or another, will never upload. It hangs, and keeps trying to restart, but it never actually finishes.

    When it does finish - it's never actually uploaded properly, and it leads to errors on my WP Dashboard.

    The file is "wordpress(site directory)/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php"

    Now, I can copy and paste the code from the downloaded file into the botched file on the server once the uploads and everything are complete, but that kind of defeats the purpose of uploading it in the first place.

The other problem, is as follows -

  • I cannot use Wordpress' built in "Automatic Update". I got a notice the other day that wordpress needed to update, so, I clicked on "Update Automatically", and it starts doing it's thing.

    Usually, when Wordpress updates like this, there are status messages that show up on the page ( I know this because I can run the update on my Virtual Server ( wamp ) just fine. ), on the actual website, though, it shows nothing - just a blank page ( Aside from the dashboard navigation and stuff. )

    The problem with this, is that while the site is "updating" it automatically goes into a full on maintenance mode ( Unlike what I actually have up, where it's essentially a landing page with a counter and status updates on the site's progress. ), and I cannot access anything - the site, the dashboard, the login - nothing.

The site is as follows ( )

So, my question is this - is there something maybe I did wrong? Maybe set improper permissions or something in my database?

Or is it something along the lines of you guys stopping support for some features like that?

Or, perhaps, it's just because of my crap internet service ( Clear )?


One other thing: I try to post the link to my website on Facebook, and I get a message saying that it's been blacklisted for spam, etc. Is this just because of the subdomain? I ask because I know for a fact that my site has done no such thing - it's barely even existed more than a few months.
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