Can't load Divi


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x10 free does not provide script support.
further more you need to post in the Free Support area.
maybe someone can help you.


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Can't load the divi theme in wordpress
I get after 30 seconds or so

The link you followed has expired.

Please try again.
This error occurs when trying to upload a theme or plugin file that is larger than the maximum upload file size limit set by the WordPress hosting provider.

To fix this, you need to override the default file size limit configuration. There are a few different methods:
  • Edit the theme's functions.php file to increase the limit. This is easy to do via the WordPress admin but will be lost if you change themes.
  • Modify the .htaccess file to raise the upload size limit. This keeps WordPress core files unchanged.
  • Create a new php.ini file in the root directory that sets a larger upload_max_filesize and post_max_size. This adds a separate PHP config file.
Coordinate with your hosting provider to determine the best new limit that works for your site. This will allow uploading larger themes and plugins without hitting file size restrictions. If you are using free hosting, it comes with certain limitations. For a better experience and to use themes and plugins without any restriction you can switch to a paid hosting, and Managed WordPress hosting is the ideal hosting for your WordPress site as it enhances the performance and reliability of your website.