CGI problem maybe?


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First off my apologies if this topic was already covered, I did a search for CGI and nothing came up in this regard.

Anyway, the issue is this. I used php for my contact page, but couldn't figure it out for my review page, so I went with something a little more my speed and decided on using a very simple CGI script. Now it does what I want it to so there is no problem there. I have tested it in both Firefox and IE by posting on it numerous times and each time I hit [submit] a little pop up window comes up that says "posting added" and there is an [ok] button for the poster to click. after that the page refreshes itself and the newly added post appears on the review page.

Now the problem is that my friends tell me they have left reviews for me on my website, but when I go to check to see what they wrote, there are no reviews. So my question is this, is there some incompatibility unbeknownst to me which allows me to post, but seemingly dos not retain anyone elses post? I thought possibly a browser incompatibility, but if it works in both IE and Firefox for me then I can't see that being the issue.

Does anyone have any insight into what this problem may be?

Also anyone reading this, if you have a second, just type some random text into the fields of the form on the review page and submit it. Because then I will be able to maybe get a broader perspective on this to see if this problem is localized to just the few people who have tried posting, or if it is in fact impossible for anyone but me to post (not very likely) but I'm scratching my head on this one.

Anyway, the address to the review page is