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Dear community,

I personally am very naiive in PHP CGI scripts, thus, if anyone is willing to make on for me for free, it would be greatly appreciated.

The requirements are:
  • Processes HTML form
  • Sends the data processed to my email address
  • Sends a confirmation email to the contacting person on the form (optional)
  • Checks if the form values are correct
  • Redirects to a certain page if success, redirects back to form with error message if no success
  • I have permission to use the code
  • Script is coded in PHP
If needed, here are the form fields on that HTML:
  • Name (<input type="text" name="realname" size="50">)
  • Email (<input type="text" name="email" size="50">)
  • Comment (<textarea name="comment" rows="20" cols="140">)
  • Website Rating (<select name="rating" size="1"><option name="No say">I do not want to say<option name="Poor">Poor design<option name="Decent">Seems decent<option name="Above">Above average<option name="Excellent">Best design ever!!</select>)
Here is also the URL:

If possible, keep coding as simple as possible so I can actually understand it (I slightly understand PHP; haven't studied it in depth yet) and keep it legal for x10 (i.e. Please no shell scripts at all).

If you wish to keep the code unknown to the world, you can share it directly to If you are comfortable sharing it, just post it in the forums (probably help other people wanting CGI-Scripts out there as well; there isn't a lot of them that seem to work for me).

Thanks for anything you can help me!