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Looking for a co-assistant and someone to partner up to create a website for Harry Potter community. The website will be a virtual hogwarts with role play strategy, the person who applies must be able to meet the requirements listed on this application. If interested please contact me via PM or email at thank you!!

To apply you must meet the following criteria

Be a Harry Potter fan/ aware of the books and storyline and have extensive knowledge in the series.
Want to create a community geared towards fans of all ages
Want to be able to re live the story set out by J.K Rowling but know we are in no way associated or own any of the characters and story
Creative ideas and ways to bring the school alive and rpg
Have knowledge of rpg and its strategy
Must be over 18 years of age to apply
Be able to approve to secondary screening such as extensive application why you want to apply and work with me(for security and privacy reasons, as it would come with the job)

If you are interested i'd love to hear from you, contact me via PM or email listed above. Thank you!!!