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  1. FusionAura

    FusionAura New Member

    What is it?

    Its a free mega hosting service.

    Why use it?

    Unlike other websites we do not have, bandwidth limits, space issues, anoying advertisements, you can uplad anything which is legal.


    There is currently no member system which is something we will be looking into in the near future. Meaning no XXX ads or anoying pop ups.

    Hope you enjoy using it!

    Note... The site is still in its beta stages we havent gone officially live yet! If you find any bugs please PM me :)
    There will be changes made to the site in the weeks(The template!)

  2. zeropoint777

    zeropoint777 New Member

    Powered By : Chevereto

    good upload images site :biggrin:
  3. Jesse

    Jesse Active Member

    Wow Good site. I love it.
  4. callumacrae

    callumacrae not alex mac Community Support

    I seem to remember that you're not allowed sites like this on x10 :/

    I like the look of the site though :)

  5. The Real Rebel

    The Real Rebel New Member

    ermmm actually me too, if its free hosting....

    And yeah the design looks good :)
  6. callumacrae

    callumacrae not alex mac Community Support


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